Thursday, July 1, 2010

ASSE: The Vision & Strategy

Having a vision and strategy are essential during these difficult economic times. Even more vital is executing the strategic plan and continuing to offer valuable products and services to our members. As ASSE approaches its 100th anniversary, major strides have been taken to realize our vision as the global champion of the SH&E professional, a global leader of the profession, and a premier resource for those engaged in protecting people, property and the environment. Furthermore, ASSE has a tremendous opportunity to increase its influence as a world-renowned leader in SH&E.

To clarify our strategic plan in order to better serve members and advance the profession, the Board of Directors participated in a strategic planning workshop earlier this year. We also engaged the House of Delegates to provide input on the Society’s vision, mission, values and goals. This important dialogue ensures that we have a shared vision and strategy as we proceed into the future. Strategic plan discussion will continue during the upcoming Society year.

ASSE’s strategic plan is based on the following eight goals:
1) Develop and promote standards relating to the scope and function of the safety profession, including academic, ethical and certification standards.
2) Influence regulations and legislation that affect the practice of the profession or the activities of the Society.
3) Promote SH&E issues, the SH&E profession and its positive effects.
4) Establish and maintain an effective and efficient organization for the advancement of the Society’s mission.
5) Gather, encourage and participate in development of the body of knowledge relevant to the profession.
6) Develop and maintain mechanisms to recruit, retain and nurture the membership.
7) Deliver the highest quality professional development opportunities to enhance competence and position practitioners for success by understanding the needs of the profession, deliver the highest quality programs that meet those needs and recognizing the achievement of participants in the programs.
8) Establish and maintain a structured program to recruit, retain and nurture student members.
In addition, three strategic initiatives that align with these goals have been identified:
1) value of the profession; 2) body of knowledge; and 3) global growth. I will address each of these initiatives in a future message.

In the article, “Time to Transform? Assessing the Future of the SH&E Profession” (PS, Nov­em­ber 2002; reprinted December 2006), I expressed the need for our profession to speak the language of business and incorporate financial principles and related terminology into our everyday vocabulary. Strategically, we must work with business leaders, our members’ customers, to demonstrate the value that SH&E professionals provide to the business community. We must demonstrate to company leaders that safety and health is a vital link in competing in today’s global marketplace.

ASSE is the preeminent safety society in the world. Furthermore, we are in an exciting period in our organization’s history. But resting on our laurels will not provide the blueprint to future prosperity. Great thought, insight, creativity, commitment and energy must be the pillars to build upon our current foundation and ensure continued success. Also, the Board of Directors is committed to making knowledge- and fact-based decisions that have strategic implications.
To reach our vision and secure future prosperity, we ask and seek your active participation. I hope each member can play a role during the upcoming year and help ASSE advance the Society’s vision and mission. Society leaders will continue to listen to members and external customers in order to offer the highest levels of service and benefits. Let’s work and have fun together and make this a productive year as we journey together toward ASSE’s 100th anniversary.