Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spreading the Word About ASSE & SH&E

Consider that there are about 6.8 billion people in the world, including 312 million in the U.S. How many know about the SH&E profession and ASSE? It is hard to tell, but we know it’s many more than knew in 1911 or even in 1991. Through various public, media and community relations programs, the SH&E profession and ASSE have been in the news often in the past 20 years.

One key way that ASSE reaches the public and key decision makers is through print, electronic and social media, as well as through various partnerships and programs. The goal of these efforts is to provide factual information about our profession and Society. These efforts are successful thanks to you. We tap into your expertise to develop key messages and provide the facts on many SH&E issues.

Our profession is extremely diverse as are ASSE’s messages and targeted communications. ASSE continues to develop communications not only to meet the needs of the members, but also to target the right medium for the right message and to look ahead to provide new stories to the media. ASSE and the SH&E profession have been featured in a wide range of outlets, from the New York Times and Forbes, to CBS News and CNN.

Thanks to our proactive strategy, we are able to connect reporters with our expert members on a wide range of SH&E topics. Such representation leads to greater recognition and respect for our profession and ASSE. We also work with ASSE chapters to link local experts with their local media, and provide tips and guidance to members on how to communicate most effectively with the media and other interested parties.

But public relations is much more than working with the media. It involves developing and building relationships with communities, businesses and decision makers to reach new audiences and advance the positive image of ASSE and our profession around the world.

It also involves working with other organizations to educate the public, including children. One great example of our public outreach efforts is the Safety Suitcase, which members use to teach young people about workplace safety and the SH&E profession. Other examples include North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week, the annual NAOSH Week Safety-on-the-Job kids’ poster contest and Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day. You can learn more about these activities at www.asse.org/naosh11.

Our public relations efforts have also led to a wide range of informational brochures covering topics such as roadway safety, young worker safety and eye safety, and an online teen safety educational game (www.dontbeazombieatwork.org). We also issue nearly 500 news releases each year, covering the full spectrum of occupational safety and health issues and concerns. You can learn more about all of these efforts at www.asse.org/newsroom.

Our latest endeavor is the new Celebrating 100 Years of Safety video. The video traces the evolution of the modern occupational safety and health movement, highlighting some of the most pivotal times in American history as well as key events in ASSE’s history. I encourage each of you to view the video at www.asse.org/ASSECenturyofSafety.

As a result of our multidimensional approach to public relations, we are promoting workplace safety, gaining recognition, and educating stakeholders about what SH&E professionals do to help ensure that people return home from work safely each day. Get involved today and help us spread the word about ASSE and our great profession.

Our public relations efforts are successful thanks to you. We tap into your expertise to develop key messages and provide the facts.