Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Connecting the Dots: Directing Your Career Journey

2013 ASSE President
Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH, EurOSHM
So, what do you want to be doing in 3 years? In 5 years? In 10 years? Careers are lifetime journeys that involve planning, setting goals and reaching milestones, then regularly confirming that we're on the right path so we know that we are moving in the best direction. By asking these questions, we can also assess the present and adjust our path based on changing interests, needs and industry demands.

To help you make the most of your career journey, whether you are a student, a mid-career practitioner, a top-of-your-game performer or a transitioning professional, consider ASSE your career partner. ASSE offers many resources that you can use to advance your education, gain new skills and knowledge, and access expertise across a more than 35,000-member network. All of these will help you deliver greater value professionally and advance your SH&E career.

A good first step in your journey is to map out a career plan. Career Guide to the Safety Profession, co-published by ASSE Foundation and BCSP (http://goo.gl/kex3CH), examines employment outlook and explores work opportunities within the profession. It also defines areas of specialization, explains certification and lists recommended courses of study to enter the profession and advance your career.

Mentors are another important career resource. ASSE has more than 35,000 members, any one of whom is a potential mentor. To start connecting, take a look at the Women in Safety Engineering mentoring program (http://goo.gl/UsGK3G), which is not gender specific, and the Society's Networking Partners Program (http://goo.gl/4D3UBv), which helps connect ASSE members who are seeking employment with members who can help them begin or recharge their job search.

In addition, check out ASSE's updated Members-Only Mentor Board, and watch for the debut of a new leadership mentoring program in mid-2014 that will help ASSE identify and develop future Society leaders. Another valuable resource is the SH&E Career Resource Center (http://goo.gl/rgck5a), where you'll find links to information on job search essentials and resources, as well as career change advice. The new jobs board (http://jobs.asse.org) will provide you with current employment opportunities as well.

Beyond all these great resources, let's take this discussion on connecting the dots between your career and ASSE a bit further and consider continuing education. Are you technically oriented or seeking a future safety leadership role in your organization? What skills, experience and knowledge will help you reach the next level in your career and, ultimately, achieve your career goals?

Once you identify these needs, here's how ASSE can help. ASSE delivers education on technical, leadership, business and communications topics. For example, attaining a CSP designation is a primary career goal for many SH&E professionals, and ASSE's certification workshops with world-class instructors and study guides can help you prepare for these exams.

In addition, ASSE's certificate programs offer enrichment for safety professionals at all career stages, from novice practitioner to seasoned professional. Completing the Certificate in Safety Management, Executive Program in Safety Management and/or Global Safety Management Certificate can open the door to career opportunities.

Many other face-to-face education options are available at the Society, chapter, region, practice specialty and common interest group levels as well. For example, our next symposium, Fatality and Severe Loss Prevention, will be held Nov. 21-22, 2013, in San Diego, CA, and Safety 2014 will be held June 8-11, in Orlando, FL. To learn more about Society-level events, visit www.asse.org/education. For details on other events, visit http://calendar.asse.org.

ASSE also offers many virtual events to provide you with on-demand learning options. The e-Learning center (http://goo.gl/VwHV0M) offers podcasts, virtual symposia, webfests and conference recordings. Monthly live webinars feature subject-matter experts from around the world speaking about topics such as improving human performance, OHSAS 18001, fatigue management and the global harmonization standard. All webinars are accessible on demand after the event.

ASSE also recently launched the Business Skills for Safety Professionals portal. This collection of short videos focuses on business skills, such as communications strategies, negotiating tactics and finance essentials, that SH&E professionals must hone to be effective leaders. You'll find these videos on the Members-Only website (www.asse.org/membersonly).

Make the most of your career journey, enjoy what you do, and partner with ASSE to start taking full advantage of the many career resources our Society provides.

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